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Print methods.

I specialize in three methods of printing garments. Screen printing, dye sublimation, and patches are the methods I'm using.

Screen Printed Inks

I primarily use screen printed plastisol inks. This is the most common type of printing used on T shirts of any kind, jackets, and sweaters like hoodies. I can also screen print onto most hats, onto patches, coozies, totes, and bags. It's the best choice for printing images onto dark garments. I can print onto cottons, blended cottons, tri-blends, polyester, canvas, etc. I also like to screen print the nape of the neck, where your logo fits nicely. Plastisol inks are the best print for vivid and opaque imagery, and bold design. Screen printing is an affordable way to produce a bulk of T shirts; I believe that all of my customers are selling T shirts for more than double what they paid. Your costs are truly of concern to me; if I can find a way to pass savings onto a client, I will.

Dye sublimation

Sublimation is the process of steaming a special ink into a polyester fabric, leaving the fabric permanently "stained" with your design. This is how you see those beautiful, full color, photo-realistic prints on everything from swimsuits to ski jackets, and dog collars to Buff face masks. But it only works on polyester, and really only looks good on white or lightly colored garments. That said, it looks amazing on foam trucker hats, quite a few T shirt blanks I know of including cotton/poly, and performance fabrics like solar long sleeve shirts/hoodies. It can also be a cost-effective solution in many applications.


I don't do direct embroidery, but I do love patches. I recommend them all the time to clients for their affordability and versatility. For a one-time cost upfront, you now have a box (100+) of these beautifully decorated emblems that can be stuck on a small batch of hats, or jackets, or maybe shop aprons, backpacks, you name it. They're often a higher-end look on a garment than direct embroidery. I don't actually make the patches, I have a contractor for that whom I really enjoy working with. You only pay for the patches and a small fee to me to make sure they are made to perfection, then those patches are yours. You can iron them on or sew them on to whatever makes you happy.  But most of my clients want me to keep them so they can order up a batch of hats when they need them. While I do have a minimum of 48 hats per order/reorder, you can pick and choose all the different hats/color combos you'd like. When you order from me, you know the patch is sewn onto the garment. Cost? In 2018, the average cost of a patch to my customer was $0.80 at 200 patches.

Sourcing garments

I have access to every blank being made, and accounts with all of the  major distributors. I spend a lot of time sourcing samples, looking for new and trending apparel pieces, colors, and fabrics. If you're not sure what you'd like to print on, I'd like to help you with that.

More than half of the T shirts I use are printed on Next Level Apparel. They have an incredible selection of quality blanks in a wide range of colors, and they're priced right. The next step above would be Bella and Canvas and American Apparel, and then the highest quality blank manufacturer would be Royal Apparel. I've printed on all of them and am familiar with the pros and cons to each garment. If you'd like to print on the value shirts like Anvil, Gildan, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom, I can do that as well. I'm particularly excited about a new company, US Blanks, which are made in the USA. If you are interested in re-branding any of these blanks with your logo, that is easily achievable.

For hoodies, it's really hard to beat the popularity of Gildan's selection. But there are plenty of other sweatshirts to choose from I could tell you about. Independent Trading Co., as well as J America are making some really great stuff, too. Your logo on patched jackets from Carhartt, Dickies, or Dri Duck would look slick. 

For performance wear, I have access to every sports-based garment you can think of, as well as solar apparel, winter apparel, etc.

And hats are kinda my specialty. There's so many cool options for hats now, and I really enjoy tracking down just the right headwear for your project. Hats can be screen printed, dye sublimated, or patched.


I believe I have very competitive pricing while providing exceptional, personal customer service. My goal is to not only provide you with a product you will love, but to help you learn more about your choices, the products available to you, and what sells best.

It would be near impossible to list pricing on printed garments because of all the options available. But since the majority of my work is screen printed T shirts, here's the cost for a few of those options.

T shirts

I do not charge set up costs separately, they are included in the price you see here.

The prices listed are for sizes Small through XL. Sizes XXL and larger are usually about a $1.00 extra per each additional size.

The prices listed here are for one "hit", or print location. The cost of each additional hit is $1.00. Relabeling a T shirt by removing the brand tag and screen printing inside the shirt's lapel is an additional $1.00.

Adding hang tags/stickers is also a service I can provide.

Average turn around time is 10 business days.