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Two "studios", one artist.

Fly Water "Studios" refers to both the artwork, and the apparel decoration, of Dave Hartman. What started as a hobby quickly led to two lines of clothing and my shirts in fly shops throughout the Pacific Northwest. Then came the requests for custom printed shirts from not only fly shops, but bike and ski shops, restaurants and home contractors. Some clients only needed art, others needed their logo printed on apparel, and more often than not, they needed both.

What makes Fly Water Studios unique is that it is a one-man business. The person you first discuss your ideas with will also be the person designing your art, sourcing your materials, sending you digital mock-ups, printing your apparel, and delivering your product. From start to finish, it's you and I in this together, turning your ideas into a product you are proud to sell. It's this level of personal attention that separates me from my competitors.

My clients

While most of my work has been for fly shops, more and more I'm working with retailers of any stripe. While fly fishing has always been "my thing", I truly enjoy working with clients coming from different perspectives. That said, retailers are my bread and butter. After that, I work with several manufacturers who need "swag" for their trade show booths. I also have a soft-spot for community-based non-profits, as my education is actually a Social Work degree from the University of Montana. And I enjoy working with building contractors, if for no other reason than I want their help when it comes time to remodel my home :). I'm looking to build long-term relationships with clients who need art and apparel on a regular basis. If you fit into one of these categories, or you feel you're close to it, please contact me. I'd love to be of help personally, or recommend to you someone I feel can do it better.


Because most of my time is spent printing, or drawing, it is often difficult for me to pick up a ringing phone. Not that I can't talk on the phone, but I prefer first contact be an email to get the ball rolling, and I find it the best way to organize my communications. Tell me a little about yourself and how I might be able to help. Do you already have art? Yes? Awesome! No? Not a problem, tell me what you have in mind. Do you have a rough budget? Do you have a deadline? Do you have a website that I could check out to better understand your business? Don't have time for any of this and would rather chat? That's okay, too, just leave me a phone number and a good time to reach you. I look forward to our conversation!   -Dave

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Wilbur, Fly Water Studios' official mascot, and my greatest critic.

Wilbur, Fly Water Studios' official mascot, and my greatest critic.