Fly Water Studios




What a terribly boring world we would live in without great design, right?!? Thankfully, we are surrounded by art.  We expect it and appreciate it; we associate it with quality. Your company's logo, and any subsequent visual identity, needs to broadcast who you are, your values, and uniqueness.  



A logo, in its simplest form, is your company's name in a recognizable format.  People see your logo and know who is associated with it. But a logo can be a bit more sophisticated than that, and add elements of your story.  This is particularly helpful for smaller companies who might not know what it is you do.

I specialize in creating logos for smaller companies who have no logo yet, or want to rebrand. I pay particular attention to how we might monetize your logo later with promotional goods such as T shirts or stickers.



After your logo, your company is going to need design for a myriad of reasons, and these pieces are what we call brand identity.  They tie into one another to compliment your overall corporate branding.  Examples of this would include designing a business card, stationary, the visual elements of your website, maybe a poster for an event.  I've done all of these, and enjoy it. But my particular skill set is designing for printed apparel. I understand both the limitations and benefits of screen printed and embroidered apparel and can design accordingly.